Leverage Digital Tools that Motivate Students to Learn Inside and Outside of the Classroom.

Immersive Technology

Affordable and deployable solutions inside and outside the classroom.

Transform Learning

with technology that deepens engagement and transports students through time, corner of the world and galaxies.

An Award Winning Library of Educational Content

A dynamic library of immersive content from award winning media companies right at your fingertips.

Classroom Management
Classroom Management

Manage all devices in the classroom

with the click of a button through an effective classroom control feature that drives focus while maximizing engagement.

Our classroom management feature

allows the teacher to deliver content on multiple headsets simultaneously. A simple set of ‘play’ and ‘pause’ controls sends content to headsets and starts experiences.

Our solution supports blended learning environments

Our VR Education Solution is Simple and Flexible

How VR can be Used to Support Learning

Measure Recall

Informal quizzes for self improvement, formal tests for performance measurement, assignments for critical thinking and certificates for verifying knowledge.

Virtual Classrooms

Take students on virtual field trips to the moon and beyond.

Dynamic Integrations

TechRow integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom. Our team is hard at work enabling new ways to make learning fun for all.

Gamification Capabilities

TechRow has years of experience building activities that leverage VR for classes that are simple, enjoyable, and that have plenty of room for instruction.

Engagement Data

Track student progress and assess student activity in online courses.